Knoxville Film Festival

Film Festival Collective

The Knoxville Film Festival  proudly announces a partnership with the Film Festival Collective. The XFINITY On Demand program will feature short films and other quality content from a variety of film festivals across the Southeastern United States. The program spans nine states and is available to millions of XFINITY customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Filmmakers who participated in previous editions of the Knoxville Film Festival will work with the organization to lend their works to the On Demand collection for a limited time. The Knoxville Film Festival will leave its mark on the Collective with its programming personality and expertise. Films from the festival to be included in the Collective will stretch across genre lines including animation, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, sci-fi, music videos,and beyond.

All Film Festival Collective content will be available at no additional cost to XFINITY subscribers within the region. The program is available on both the original Comcast On Demand platform as well as the new X1 platform. With X1, subscribers can access content using voice commands on their smart phone X1 remote control app.

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